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Much was done in 2022, and 2023 is going to be one of the greatest building years of the history of our company.

As the new year is approaching, we reckon it’s a great time to look at all we’ve achieved and look forward to what we have in store for the next 12 months!


2022 and its moments to remember 👏

  • We made major improvements to our LoanStreet Broker Platform by adding personalised email templates, automated email sequences and educational resources.
  • We were listed as a finalist of the Better Business Award NSW in the Best Community Engagement program category.
  • Launched our 24-week Mortgage Broker Bootcamp that recruits and trains anyone who wants to become a real-world mortgage broker. 
  • Implemented the feedback we received from brokers to perfect our Bootcamp framework.
  • Hosted a fortnightly Technology Behind Brokers webinar series to share tech tips to help brokers increase work efficiency. 
  • Added new business insights and strategies to our Broker Academy courses.
  • Created the credit discussion paper to improve the flow of information between brokers and lenders, helping brokers double their loan approval rate. 
  • Expanded our funding lines in collaboration with 5 funders to introduce our new lending products. 
  • Built an effective loan origination and distribution channel to drive forward a more transparent and efficient hybrid-digital nonbank lending experience.
  • Appointed our Chief Technology Officer, Hansen Liu, who helped us design the technology blueprint for 2023.


2023 and beyond 🚀

  • We are bringing fantastic people to the team to help us deliver great results. 
  • We will hire top-notch relationship managers to support our broker community.
  • You can expect more funding partners to join our panel and more non-bank lending solutions for your customers
  • It is time for something new. You can expect a full rebranding of LoanStreet. 
  • You will see more of our presence at industry events. Don’t miss the opportunity to say ‘hi’ to our team.
  • A new brand for the company opened the doors to a redesign of our website. You can expect a new website to be debuted in the first quarter.
  • We will be introducing a complete, high-level ecosystem with seamless internal processes, extended Open APIs and more lending opportunities.   
  • You can expect a new credit decisioning engine which is scheduled to launch in the second quarter.


And much more!


Overall, we had a booming year of growth in 2022. None of this would have happened without the work of our passionate team and the amazing support of our wider community. 

Make sure to stay tuned and follow this blog. We will be bringing you plenty more insights about the team that’s building the future of LoanStreet and other secret projects that are underway. 

That’s all from us today!

Warm wishes from the Loan Street Team


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