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Charting a new path forward

New class blog introduction

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Advanced mortgage loan processor training will give you the knowledge to earn a higher income. This course goes from theory to practical examples. Lenders are hiring mortgage loan processors by the hundreds!
This fast-paced course will go over the most fundamental tasks processors need to master such as: requesting a change in circumstance, being able to read and understand Loan Prospector findings, outsource basic processing tasks to third party vendors which will reduce your time on repetitive tasks and will allow you to focus more on providing the best service possible. You will also learn to calculate salaried and self-employed borrowers income quickly and easily with practice questions taught by the instructor. Besides that, you’ll also review common calculations you will see every day in an exercise format. These realistic exercises will teach you how to calculate the debt-to-income ratio, loan-to-value, cash to close, borrowers middle credit score when you only have two credit scores or just one, plus, how to calculate all of these in one loan scenario.

Subtitle 1

  • Learn how to calculate a salaried borrowers income.
  • Become a pro at locking rates and understanding how rates affect a loans approval.
  • Learn how to become more valuable as a processor by completing more of the necessary task to close more loans.
  • Understand the importance of a survey and when it should be ordered and by who.
  • Learn how to read and understand an appraisal and how property values are obtained.
  • Develop a deeper knowledge of verifications of employment to get more loans approved.
  • Read and know what to request on a homeowners declaration page to get more loans closed.
  • Learn how to obtain invoices for third party fees so that you loan is compliant and the lenders clears your loan to close.